It’s a brave new world.

Legalized cannabis use in the great states of Washington and Colorado is something to be enjoyed and savored. Not over-indulged or abused. There is much pleasure to be had in a serving of Zoots. We invite you to imbibe and nibble responsibly.

Eating marijuana is different than smoking.

Here’s the thing about eating marijuana. It takes longer to feel the effects and the high lasts longer. For some, it may last several hours. The key to enjoying edible marijuana is patience. Allow yourself time to experience each serving of Zoots fully before consuming more. Overindulging can ruin the fun.

Everyone has their own serving size.

State officials in Washington and Colorado have determined that 10mg THC is a standard serving size for edible marijuana. But keep in mind that everyone’s experience is different. Body size and type, physical activity, diet and much more can all play factors in how THC affects you. While 10mg THC is just right for some, it will be too much or not enough for others.

That's why Zoots come in a variety of serving sizes—so you are always in control of your experience. New to edibles? Start low and slow with a 2.5mg THC serving of ZootDrops or a single 5mg THC ZootRock. Add more only when you are comfortable with your ZootLevel.

Helpful hint: Edible THC affects the body differently than drinking alcohol. Food doesn't absorb THC like it does alcohol. In fact, food pushes THC into your system, impacting you more. So eat a good meal, then enjoy your Zoots.

Patience dear friends.

Depending on your size of serving, you may begin feeling the initial effects in as little as 30 minutes, but it could take two or more hours for the full effect to kick in. This point is worth repeating. If you're new to marijuana edibles, start low and slow. Start with a low amount of THC. Be patient and go slowly when adding more. Impatience can lead to over-indulgence. And that’s no fun.