Premium Cannabis Infused Concentrates

Decisions, decisions. ZootDrops Concentrates feature custom ZootBlends of THC Cypress Extract™ paired with all-natural enhancers so you can choose whether to feel energized or to just chill and have a good time. Going dancing with friends or playing a quick nine? Try the Mandarin Lime Yippee Ki-yay High Energy Blend. Curling up with a favorite book or just watching the world go by? The Lemon Kick Back Relaxation Blend may be more your speed. There’s a ZootDrop blend for every whim.

Stir the desired amount of ZootDrops into any beverage or drink straight. Need some creative inspiration? Check out our ZootDrops cannabis infused cocktail recipes.

About Zoots

Zoots Premium Cannabis Infused Edibles are hand-crafted from our own proprietary THC Cypress Extract™ and blended with all natural, high quality ingredients to assure a consistent, controlled and pleasantly elevated experience, every time. More about us.