ZootBites Kooki Dough Blondies

Premium Cannabis Infused Blondies

1 Blondie = 10mg THC

To create our newest cannabis-infused delicacy, our Zootologists found inspiration in an edible art form crafted back in their college days. While not a lot about the Kooki Dough Blondie has changed since the 1970s, we’ve put a new spin on this classic recipe by adding a very special ingredient—our proprietary Cypress Extract™ of Cannabis, meticulously crafted to exacting standards in our own Zoots kitchen. Each irresistibly scrumptious blondie comes fully baked and ready to enjoy with 10mg of Cypress THC for a delectable experience you’ll enjoy well beyond the last crumb.

ZootBites Kooki Dough Baked Blondies come in packs of two (20mg THC total per package). Each blondie is individually sealed in nitrogen-flushed packaging for maximum freshness.

Available in:

  • Washington

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